While most of Kenyans thought the ghost after former CS Waiguru has been exorcised, it has glared its head again and the fire may not die out soon. This may seem like a bad dream that the former CS may be wishing it was just that – a dream.

The media has been upbeat with the news since the sight of a sworn affidavit of Ms. Josephine Kabura, an accused businesslady behind the NYS scandal. Ms. Kabura along with 6 others are accused of defrauding the institution more than Kshs. 761 million on various dates up to August 2015. In the affidavit, Ms. Kabura claims to have met former CS Waiguru in 2012 while she(Waiguru) was working on IFMIS at the National Treasury.

She outlines how she, under CS’s instructions, opened and operated bank accounts at Family bank, KTDA branch which was used to transfer the monies from NYS. Kabura claims in the affidavit having been introduced to Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi, Mr Mugwanja among others, including two journalists.

Since the presentation of the contents of the affidavit in court, the mentioned have denied ever meeting leave alone share in the loot.

On Monday, the former CS denied knowing Ms. Kabura and in fact claimed by the time Kabura claimed to have visited her at her Runda house, she (Waiguru) had not shifted to her current residence. Waiguru has gone on to discredit the claims terming it as a mere mud smearing with a view of preventing her from getting back to government.

The claims against Waiguru comes just a week after the country’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission cleared her of any wrong doing in the relation to the Scandal.

On the other hand, Mr. Mutahi issued a press release warning Ms. Kabura of court battle on defamation charges. “I will sue Ms. Kabura and set auctioneers on her to raise money for damages.” Said Mutahi.

In another arena Mr. Munuhe (a Standard Media journalist), through his lawyer demanded that Ms Kabura retracts her statement and apologises before close of business on Wednesday. He said that the false, wrongful and malicious words constituted a serious affront on the character, standing and reputation.

Mr. Munure Maina (a Star Reporter), denied receiving any money from either Waiguru, Kaburu or any other person linked to the NYS saga.

In a turnaround move EACC have reopened their investigation into the alleged involvement of Waiguru in the loss of the NYS money.

Mr. Ngunyi on his part offered through his press release to liaise with the investigators once called upon to assist in the investigations. However, he distanced himself from Waiguru on the matter.