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President Uhuru at Djibouti on a Head of States Contributing Troops to AMISOM Summit
President Uhuru Kenyatta left the country on Saturday night for a head of states summit for the countries contributing troops and police to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). The president embarked on the Djibouti tour just hours
Has the Property Market Reached its Peak?
Since late 2000's the real estate market has been on a rally towards north, with experts predicting a bubble burst. But despite fluctuations on interest rates and weakening Kenyan shilling, the market has remained salient. Since late 2000's the
Saving for Your Retirement
Each on of us will one day feel tired to go on with the normal day's routine. Though our energy levels diminish, our needs escalate and if not well planned, retirement can mean misery. Days are gone when parents relied on their children for their
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Equities Market

Longhorn Publishers has posted an impressive 96% jump in their profits before tax for the 6 months ended 31st December 2015. The announcement of the results on Friday morning however did not impress ...

Money Markets

Kenya's shilling weakened further against the dollar on Friday amid heavy demand for the US currency from the energy and telecoms sectors and a generalweakening of emerging market currencies

Personal Finance

To many of us, being wealthy means driving the latest release of top of range automobile or living in the most magnificent mansion, yet to others it's having a fat purse.


By In a 2008 paper on neuroeconomics, Carnegie Mellon University economist George Loewenstein said: “Whereas psychologists tend to view humans as fallible and sometime even ...

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Susan Thomson, Colgate University Rwandan President Paul Kagame New Year’s Eve announcement that he will run for a third term as president came as no surprise to most observers of the tiny central ...

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21 February 2016

Longhorn Publishers has posted an impressive 96% jump in their profits before tax for the 6 months ended ...

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