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Apple launches smart watch, new iPhones and mobile payment system

By Barry Avery, Kingston University

Apple has finally released a watch, along with new larger iPhone designs and a payments system. In an eagerly anticipated keynote, Apple has moved into wearables, its first new product category since 2010.

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Here's what dogs see when they watch television

Written by Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, University of Central Lancashire

Dog owners often notice their pets watching televisions, computer screens and tablets. But what is going on in their pooch’s head? Indeed, by tracking their vision using similar methods used on humans, research has found that domestic dogs do prefer certain images and videos.

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Has the Jubilee government abandoned the Konza City idea?

Konza city, a technopolis plan designed as part of the 2030 vision flagship projects, seems to have stalled or other, we hear less of it since the swearing in of the current regime.

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New iPad? Tech firms have abandoned radical innovation for mediocrity

By ,

The dust has now settled on the latest product launch from Apple, which for many trumped headlines about refugees, poverty and the battles for the Republican nomination and leadership of the UK Labour Party.

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Can 10,000-character tweets boost Twitter’s flatlining user growth?

By ,

On January 5, Twitter founder and recently reappointed CEO Jack Dorsey appeared to confirm a story on Re/Code claiming that the micro-blogging site is planning to change its signature feature: the 140-character tweet.

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