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U.N. Security Council Votes for tougher Sanctions on North Korea

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday voted unanimously for toughest sanctions against North Korea after its recent nuclear and missile tests on 6th January 2016.

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Land Bill enters second reading amid calls to fast track Constitutional pending bills

Kenyan's National Assembly spent the better part of Tuesday afternoon discussing the long awaited Land bill. The bill is one of the legislation stipulated as necessary in the implementation of the Constitution, 2010.

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Guilty or Not Guilty - Waiguru denies ever meeting NYS Scandal suspect

While most of Kenyans thought the ghost after former CS Waiguru has been exorcised, it has glared its head again and the fire may not die out soon. This may seem like a bad dream that the former CS may be wishing it was just that - a dream.

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Developer of the collapsed building arrested and faces criminal charge

The developer of a 17 storey apartment complex that collapsed last Saturday in the South Western Tainan, Taiwan has been captured. Mr. Lin Minghui, was arrested by the City government on Tuesday after fleeing from the town after the collapse of the building that was under construction.

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The Truth Behind Kenya-Uganda Business Pact

There has been a lot of shouting surrounding the undertakings of a delegation to Uganda led by president Uhuru Kenyatta in which it's alleged that he entered into a business deal for importation of Sugar into the country.

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Teachers' strike enters day 5 with no party ceading ground

In a non-precedented move, Teachers' Service Commission (TSC) moved to court to petition it to declare the ongoing teachers' strike illegal. at the same time, the union leaders sort the arrest of the TSC official for contempt for failing to honor court directions.

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Suspension of Ms Kaindi as Deputy Inspector General of Police ellicits uproar from opposition

Since the first appointments of current government, there has been several abortive actions that have left various groups divided. Some appointments have had to be De-gazetted after uproar. Tuesday's changes by the president were not without controversy.

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