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Why boosting legume production will lift the gloom for African farmers

Written by Frederick BaijukyaFred Kanampiu

Africa has the lowest use of nitrogen on its farmland compared to other regions of the world. This is because smallholder farmers have limited financial resources to buy fertilizers.

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Was there ever a time when so few people controlled so much wealth?


Oxfam’s latest report claims that income inequality has reached a new global extreme, exceeding even its predictions from the previous year. The figures behind this claim are striking – just 62 individuals now hold the same wealth as the bottom half of humanity, compared to 80 in 2014 and 388 in 2010.

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Kenyan economy expected to grow at 6% in 2015

In April, 2015 World bank revised its projections on the growth of Kenya's GDP from previous 4.7% to 6%, as lower oil prices spur consumption and the government proceeds with rail and energy projects.

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How closer is Kenya to achieving vision 2030

Rebasing of the GDP indices moved some countries in Africa into the middle income economies. Kenya and Nigeria reviewed their measures placing both countries in the light weigh economies.

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Fastjet jets in Kenya

The battle lines are already drawn in the aviation industry in Kenya with entry of wholly owned subsidiary of Fastjet Plc of UK

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